The Wedding Effect: Invitation

Yesterday I got an invitation for my wedding in the mail. Kind of funny.

My step-mom sent us a copy so we could make sure everything looks okay before she mails them out. They look so awesome! I opted to do something different, because Chris and I are different. =] We're having a really casual wedding...you wait until you see what we're both wearing. Ha ha!

So I don't like how traditional wedding invites "waste" a lot of paper. I wanted something that was using as little paper as possible. The invite is also the envelope in our case and the response card is perforated and tears off the bottom of the invite to be sent back as a postcard. Genius!

Okay, so the pictures are kind of big...so you can see it all. They're so cute. =]

If you have trouble viewing, you can visit my Flickr page for a better view.

59 days left...


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