How I... Label Things for Organization

This post was inspired by my wonderful cousin, Jennica, who asked me yesterday about labels for storage boxes. I decided to share how I label my boxes and where you can find more inspiration on the internet.

1. Vinyl

I recently discovered the joy of cutting vinyl with my Cricut Expression machine. I used the Lyrical Letters cartridge to create the following labels. I can't wait to create more labels with this vinyl. It's so easy to place and looks awesome.

2. Scrapbook Alphabet Stickers

This is probably my favorite way to label things. I love scrapbook stickers because they're inexpensive and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, etc. I love the variety.

These aren't stickers, but they're chipboard letters. I haven't used them to label anything yet, but plan to soon. =]

3. Post-it Super Sticky Removable Label Pads

These removable labels are awesome. They stick really well, but aren't permanent and remove easily. I've had these labels on these drawers for over a year now, and they're not peeling at the edges. I like using them in places where I know I'll possibly change the use of whatever the container is.

4. Printed from My Computer

One great thing about printing labels from my computer is the variation I can create -- size, font, color, etc. I have recently bought Avery labels to print on (you can get free templates for the labels you purchase on Avery's website to create your own labels). A quality printer can create awesome labels.

5. Label Maker

Oh the label maker. I think it's best for small labeling jobs, such as file folders, photo boxes, and anything else that doesn't need to be largely viewed.

My label maker is the Brother P-touch Electronic Labeling System. It's really pricey on Amazon right now for some reason. The Brother PT1290 Home and Office Labeler is priced more reasonable and looks as if it may have more options than the one I have.

The following labels were created with my old labeler that only would label things in all capital letters. I absolutely hated it.

Other Internet Resources:
  • Better Homes & Gardens has a bunch of free printable storage labels available on their website. You can go through the 27 slides to download each of the label templates and see examples of how they're used. They're really cute labels and I've downloaded some myself, but have yet to actually use them in my home.
  • Better Homes & Gardens also has a video on how to Get Organized with Labels. I love this video -- there are so many great ideas and they show a bunch of different ways, not just with printables.
  • Jen at iHeart Organizing wrote a post last year about how she makes her own labels on her computer.
  • Jen at iHeart Organizing also wrote a post about how she labels her boys' clothing drawers with picture labels. Very cute!
This post has totally made me want to go label more things right now. I feel so nerdy. ha ha

Inspired to go do some labeling around your house? Click here to download a free printable I created to help you make a list of things you need to label.

Do you have any other ways to label your storage containers?

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  1. I consider any day that I get to use my labelmaker to be a good day. :)


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