It's Coming Up...

The wedding is in 8 days. It's so strange. We've been together for 7.5 years, so it doesn't seem like things will change at all, but it feels like it should. I'm not sure in what ways it would change, but it's just a strange feeling.

I've been busy trying to get a little color when the weather is nice and visiting with family. Today it is chilly and windy. I'm sad I still haven't been able to go swimming yet. Hopefully tomorrow. =]

I miss blogging and not having the time to sit down every day and write the My Notebook posts. My email is backing up -- I have 400 unread messages now. My feed reader is also getting full -- I have over 1000 posts from over 100 blogs I follow to read. It's a bit overwhelming.

I found out that I passed the Praxis PLT exam I took in April. I really thought I failed it because I messed up big time when writing my essays...I wrote them in the wrong spot...twice. It was pretty crazy. I'm just so glad I passed. It's very stressful with the tight time constraint and not knowing how you did when it's all over. Plus, it's very expensive to take.

I also found out that I did not get the job I interviewed for before leaving for PA. It's kind of depressing, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. There's something else out there for me that will be a better fit and everything will all work out.

My bridal shower is Sunday. We have a dinner on Thursday with our families (no rehearsal, just the dinner). And the wedding is next Saturday, June 11. We're going to Atlantic City for 2 days after the wedding just so we can go to the beach. June 15 we'll be back in SLC. It will be a busy week next week for me.

Just a reminder: my giveaway for a BusyBodyBook calendar ends on June 17. And I have another giveaway for an awesome restaurant that I absolutely love that will begin in 3 days on June 6.

Have a great weekend! =]

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  1. Congratulations on passing the Praxis. Back in the day, I had to pass the NTE so I can imagine how worried you were. I'm sorry about the job but hopefully, you will find one soon. Try to relax and enjoy the days ahead. Best wishes.


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