Free Printable: My Wish List

Last night I made a printable to share (for free) with y'all for the upcoming holiday season.

I didn't title it "Christmas" or "holiday" so that it can be used all year long. Enjoy!

P.S. - I've been asked numerous times about making a Christmas/holiday planner set. What types of documents would you want in a set if I made one and made it available for free (for a limited time)/sale? I need your help to create it!


  1. I love your printables! I recently discovered your blog and LOVE IT! I would love to see a holiday planner set. It would be nice to have a list of people your buying for and what your getting or their wishlist. What we do as a family, is I get my sisters and their kids wishlist and then make one wishlist that has what everyone wants, seperated by family. I try to include details like favorite color, character and size for everyone. Another page could be things you plan to buy and then the price at different retailers, I normally do that in a small notebook. I am sure you will create a great planner set, you always add things that I need but never think of .

  2. I like Pao suggestions above. I also think that a Christmas card list would be great. My biggest problem is keeping track of what I've bought. I have 10 grown kids, their spouses, 18 grandchildren, parents, and friends. inevitable, something either gets left out, or sent to the wrong person...when boxes are packed for shipping.
    So, maybe a sheet for each family, with a place for names, sizes, colors etc. across the top, and then below each, a place to list all the purchases made?

  3. Smart idea - I need this for my hubby - thanks for linking up over at ECE!


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