Wedding Planning Organization

At the request of reader, Meagan, today's post is about wedding planning organization.

My wedding was pretty basic. I did as much myself as possible, to save money and to fulfill my need of wanting to do it all myself.

I bought Avery Easy Peel Address Labels to print the mailing labels for the shower and wedding invitations and thank you cards. This made things so much easier to manage because I didn't forget anyone, and all I had to do was print after typing all of the addresses in to the free templates available on Avery's website.

To track all of my wedding guest information, I used a free wedding guest list Excel document that I found on Microsoft Office's website. I added extra tabs to the document to track other wedding info so it was all in one place.

I kept a binder with pictures from magazines and things I printed from the internet for wedding ideas. Now with Pinterest up and running, I would have used that instead.

My step-mom kept all of the contracts and everything that was on paper organized in a folder. It was super basic, but worked great for our needs.

To go along with our list making theme this week, I've updated my free wedding to-do list printable. Here's the new version:

wedding to-do list

I would love to hear any wedding planning organizational tips or ideas that you have!


  1. I am very organized person myself and I actually set up charts in excel to keep track of prices. I researched all the prices for nearly every item on my wedding list and then could compare them in excel. This really helped keep me on budget! Love this post!

  2. I bought a pretty thick binder, and added divider tabs for each section that I needed. Guest list, budget, flowers, catering, hall etc. I also used excel to create my guest list added the addresses and also created a column to know how many guest were coming from each house hold. In each section I would add the flyer or prices for the people we were interviewing so that we could go back and compare later. Also created a budget spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses and have a final total at the end to know how much we ended up spending. P.S I still have my binder :)

  3. I could never find one book that was set up like I wanted so I made my own binder. I used items from books & websites, but I made a lot of my own lists in excel and other places to keep track of everything.

  4. I am so envious of everyone who got engaged in the Pinterest era! Of course, if we'd had Pinterest when I was engaged I might not have ever gotten past just looking at all the wonderful ideas.

    Like Motivated Mommy of two, I still have my wedding binder, too. (And I'm not typically the sentimental type who hangs on to a lot of things.)

  5. I am in awe of how people can make such big decisions. I can not tell you what I like but I can tell you what I don't like. I have been married for almost 17 years, we were in the military and went to the justice of the peace. I have many times wanted to have a wedding but I always back out because of decision making.

  6. @RobbieKay -

    Agreed! I just missed the Pinterest engagement era. My brother's fiance is using Pinterest to plan their wedding right now. It's so awesome!

  7. I'm jealous of Pinterest-era engagements too! I was SO close!

    A lot of people are suggesting Excel spreadsheets. My husband and I made a spreadsheet in Google Docs instead, which I LOVED. We were getting married in my hometown, an hour away from where I lived, and both he and I were collecting addresses. Google Docs made it simple, because I could share the document so that both he and I had access to it, and we had access ANYWHERE- at home, at work, at school, or in my hometown. It was so wonderful that if he updated it at home and I checked at work, it was already updated for me (and we didn't have to worry about having different versions).

  8. My sister is getting married soon and I'm helping her with stuff like invitations and guest list. Your tip is very useful, I'll definitely use it. Thanks!
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