Have 10 Minutes? Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Over the weekend I received an email from reader Jenny, asking if I had any tips for cleaning a ceiling fan. I don't have a ceiling fan, so I had to research this topic.


Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot republish the content I found on Real Simple's website about cleaning a ceiling fan. I can, however, give you the link to the information. The directions for cleaning a ceiling fan include a pillow case and spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and water. It seems like an excellent idea. I know when I used to clean the ceiling fan at my parent's home, it was disgusting and dust ended up everywhere.

If you have a ceiling fan, take 10 minutes today to clean it. Let me know how this method works!

We have a small tabletop fan that we use every night to drown out the apartment living noises while we sleep. Unfortunately it does not come apart for easy cleaning. If you have any wonderful ideas on how to clean a fan like this, please share!


  1. We have a small fan for white noise in our bedroom too. I use a can of compressed air, like the ones for cleaning computer keyboards found at office supply stores, to clean it.

  2. I use this method with both of our ceiling fans, works great!

  3. I have a shark vaccuum and I use the attachments to clean the blades every week to prevent bad buildup.

  4. Great method! Thanks for sharing this:)

  5. For our bedroom noise fan, I use the leaf blower and blow it out from the back. I actually contract with my child to do this because he likes to use the leaf blower. It works amazing! BTW, I love your blog. If you need something to do, come stay with me and help me organize my house!


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