January 2013 Challenge {Home Management: Week 1}

By now you've surely heard about home management binders {or something similar - housekeeping, family, home notebook, etc.}. I'll show you how to set one up!

I think they're a good idea to have because they can help keep you organized. I use my {newly revamped} binder to keep track of all of the info I need at hand. I've blogged previously about all of my binders. I do have a bit of an obsession with creating them. Over the last year, my organizational methods fell apart with a lot of stuff that went on in my life. I think I overwhelmed myself with the methods I had in place. This year is all about simplifying. And simplifying means consolidating - which is why I revamped my binders...all into one.

Samsill sent me some binders to try out. My favorite - the DXL binder - is for heavy duty use. It's also larger than most binders, so my tabs and page protectors don't hang out of the binder. My other colorfully designed binders that I've used in the past were getting beat up, so I'm happy to have these new binders.

I used PowerPoint to create my cover insert and the category pages. I have a ton of colored paper that I got on sale from Staples two years ago, so I made the files black and white and just printed on the colored paper. I uploaded the binder cover and categories if you're interested in downloading {for free}. I included a few more options for wording on the cover and extra categories. There are 28 pages total.

The categories I went with are: important info, planning, finances, cleaning & organizing, home, meal planning, blogs, and businesses.

I have a snap folder that I punched holes in {myself} in the front of the binder. This is to hold any important things that need a temporary home - such as event tickets, membership cards, etc.

I used Avery Big Tab Dividers {with pockets} in my binder. I like the pocket dividers because they're wider than regular ones. Plus, I can stick things in the pockets if I don't have time to hole punch them.

Because I used the dividers with the pockets, I was able to use sheet protectors for my category pages. The regular sized dividers would be covered by the sheet protectors, making the tabs pointless.

Throughout the month I'll cover the contents of my binder, though this whole month will not be all about my binder.

So today's task - if you're interested - is creating a binder. At least create the main structure for it. I'll help you fill it up throughout the month. If you're not a binder person, you can create a filing system or notebook instead. Anything that works for you that you can organize important info with - even if it's electronic. Good luck!


  1. What size binder is best for this project? I have 1 inch binders, but will that be enough room?? Looking forward to doing this challenge with everyone and getting organized!! :)

  2. Hi Lindsey -

    It really depends on how much you plan to add to your binder. Mine is a one inch binder and it's the perfect size for me. I'd say one inch is good for 8 tabs or less.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you!! Now off to Staples! :)
      (I don't know about everyone else... but I LOVE shopping for office supplies. LOL)

  3. Just made my binder contents on my computer and will be putting it all together tomorrow! :) So glad I found your blog, it's exactly what I need to help guide me to organization. My husband and I just moved into a new house so this will be a great start to a great new year!

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  5. Thank you so much for the great info and the wonderful printables. I am trying to be better at managing our family finances and this is perfect! Just got my binder finished! Thanks again!


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