January 2013 Challenge {Meal Planning: Week 3}

Back in August 2011 I shared how I organize my recipes in binders. I've since changed things a bit. Check it out.

I print a lot of recipes. I used to subscribe to a lot of recipe magazines. I still subscribe to the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury magazines. I wanted one place to keep everything, so I consolidated.

I have two binders - one for entrees, one for everything else. The entree categories I have in one binder are: beef, breakfast, fish, one dish meals & stews, pasta, pizza, poultry, sandwiches, & soup. The categories I have in the other binder are: appetizers & snacks, beverages, bread, desserts, & side dishes.

I used to keep the small recipe cards in a photo album. This works great, but I just wanted to consolidate, so I moved everything into the binders.

I purchased Martha Stewart Home Office 4 pocket sheet protectors from Staples. They come in a 10-pack for $3.99. They have a little flap over the top where the cards slip in, so they don't fall out. I love it. My only complaint is that they won't hold my 4" x 6" cards, so I ended up taping those cards to sheet protected pages within the binder.

Printed recipes are simply hole punched and placed in the binders.

Recipes from magazines or too big to fit in the card sheet protector go on colored paper in sheet protectors.

Recipe binders aren't for everyone. They take a lot of work to put together, but I've noticed that at least for me {personally} they're the easiest recipe system to maintain and use.

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Your challenge today is to organize your recipes! You choose the way that works for you... Binder? Photo album? Pinterest? Recipe box? Files? Please share what method you use to organize your recipes.


  1. Great binders! I have never used a lot of recipes but I'm trying to branch out from the "usual" meals in our home. I have a small stack of cookbooks but I will never use all the recipes in those. Maybe putting together a binder would be a nice start to some new meals in 2013! Thanks!

  2. You are so stinkin' organized. Sigh.


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