January 2013 Challenge {Time Management: Week 5}

This week {across all challenges} it's all about sharing what you've accomplished this month!

If you have a blog {or other way to share a URL}, you can share through the link manager below. If you do not, you can comment on this post to share.


  1. I just want to mention I'll be posting my video on Friday! I'll probably put it on the "Home Management" post since that was the biggest project I worked on. =] (I mentioned it from my "Staceunoia" account at the beginning of the month.)

  2. I thought about using the daily planner (for about a second). Knowing myself, I cannot do it. Having every hour planned out is too much for me. One small, unexpected thing to disrupt my schedule and throw everything off is enough to give me anxiety. I had to adapt. I created a weekly planner (using your gray chevron motif that I love). Having the day planned out with wiggle room keeps me feeling calm. I use it more like a to do list and allow myself space to get things done throughout the week so I'm not so overwhelmed.


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