Windows 8 & Microsoft Love #WindowsChampions

I have been using my Microsoft Surface for a few months now and absolutely love it. The Surface runs Windows RT {which is a mobile version of Windows 8}.

To log in to my Surface, I need a Microsoft account. This account syncs across all of my Windows/Microsoft products and devices. I have a Zune music subscription and I can access my subscription on both my laptop through the software and on the Surface through the music app. It's pretty awesome.

The picture above is my Start screen - which is the "home" screen I view when I log in. The Surface has a touch screen, so everything is easy to navigate with the new Windows 8 app menu. Honestly, I'm not sure that I'd be crazy about Windows 8 without the touch capabilities. Being able to navigate the Start screen on a Windows 8 PC via touch is just so incredibly user friendly.

Windows 8 definitely takes some time to get use to. Knowing some tips ahead of time definitely helps...
  • Windows lets you personalize your content. The lock screen acts as your entry into the OS.
  • Picture password allows you to personalize your story and you can touch on various areas of the photo to unlock your screen.
  • The Start screen allows you to organize apps and content by category. You can create your own unique personalized experience through the lock screen, picture password and the start screen. 
  • Search: You can easily search Windows via the Search charm. 
  • Apps/Windows Store: Pepperplate app is a really easy way to stay organized in the kitchen and create your own cookbook. When you purchase an app, you can use that app on up to 5 devices. The AllRecipes app is also a great cooking app. 
  • Snap: Snap lets you multitask on your Windows 8 device. You can get more done when you snap a second app to the left or right side of your screen.
  • SkyDrive: You can store you music, photos, video etc.
Last week Office 2013 was released. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create all of my files - for my classroom, Etsy, etc. - so I was quick to purchase the new version. So far I am absolutely loving it. More on that in a later post. View all of the free templates available for Microsoft Office.

If you’re a college or University student, check out this awesome deal on Windows 8.
For more Windows 8 info from Microsoft, check out the Windows Experience Blog.

I am a Windows Champions blogger and I received loan of a laptop and may receive other equipment from Microsoft to assist me in evaluating Microsoft products and services for my blogging activity. 

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  1. I mostly like Windows 8 but it has some quirks that really bug me. Touch is unpredictable, at best. On your site scroll by touch wasn't working at all except by dragging the scroll bar until seconds ago when it started working on the page. I see that behavior quite often. The task bar which is supposed to hide has been visible during the whole day. The charm bar won't work by touch but works sometimes with the mouse. Is it Win 8 or the hardware or the Lenovo UI? No way to know.

    Your site is very attractive and I'll probably be back from time to time. Keep on strokin'


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